habit forming

blogging has not yet become a habit for me. but my year of making commitment is going really well. there have been days (a handful, maybe half a dozen) when i have not been able to do any making. but overall the idea is becoming engrained in my mind, that each day i have the intention to sit down and do something that i love, something that sparks creative joy in me, whether it is weaving, writing, sketching, making jewelry, or something else. some days i don’t feel inspired, but i try to do something anyway, even if it’s a little bit. i still long to have more time at my work table, aka my happy place. but it is starting to become automatic that i sit down at that table at least once per day, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5 hours. there have been days when i realized that i sort of forgot about the “year of making” idea…but that i had been doing it anyway.

and there was one glorious week a couple months ago, when i actually thought i could become a morning person. for one week, i got up early each day to spend time in my studio before work. it was the best feeling, and a great way to start my day. it made me look forward to going to bed at night, because i felt excited to get up the next day. but it didn’t last. i would like to make that a habit also, but it’s not in my natural rhythm. maybe someday!



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